If you are multi location retailer or professional service provider (with offices in different locations) developing the right integrated digital marketing and offline footprint on a local scale is vital to your success and brand standing out.

This requires specialist implementation and treatment to ensure your brand and content is positioned in a consistent and effective manner across organic and paid search for maximum visibility and conversions. The more coordinated and integrated your strategy (inclusive of promotions, content, client interactions etc.) the more consistency and professionalism you will project and the greater your visibility online will be.   

If you are experiencing multi-location marketing and brand chaos, then a proper coordinated strategic approach will not only save you considerable financial resources, it will boost your positioning in local search, maximize your conversions and brand awareness in the markets you serve with a consistency that instills consumer confidence. It will also save you thousands of wasted man hours with a dysfunctional system. It goes without saying that one bad apple (e.g. location) can ruin the reputation of a business for everyone.

Depending on your existing number of outlets and strategic expansion plans, examining your web assets from an organic search standpoint makes perfect sense. Trying to house your entire web marketing under one website will inevitably create issues when it comes to positioning locations in their area markets across multiple search terms. Enabling multiple independent franchise websites for each location creates another managerial problem when it comes to unique content, administration and economies of scale, not to mention “oversight”.

Merging creative, content and data will empower all your locations along with identifying the unique nuances of a given market area or location.

While your business may be growing organically and you may or may not be giving too much thought in terms of how you have structured your entire digital marketing infrastructure, it is well worth the effort to think this through before you are too far down the road. Having a robust and smart digital marketing strategy in place will make a significant difference to your overall ROI in the short, mid and long term.

Time is at a steep premium in digital marketing. Your digital marketing strategy is critical to your business success. Address it head on as it has the power to transform your business.

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