Hard Data & Intelligence is Critical to Iteration and Improvement

Analytics covers every aspect of your business from sales to marketing to production. Marketing analytics cover every digital action and measure all the core events along the continuum of the client acquisition process. This data is invaluable to gaining visibility into your performance and iterating towards maximizing your ROI.


Your Customers and Interested Prospect Are the Lifeblood of Your Business

Your CRM (Customer Relationship Management System) is your central intelligence hub for lead nurture, development, client communications, segmentation and sales. It can be used for tracking all meaningful interactions of a lead or client with your website, communications and team. It should also ideally be able to track revenue events by contacts and by a company in aggregate and so on. It is the lifeblood of your sales, business development, marketing and customer support teams.

CRM’s vary in their functionality and ability to sync data with different marketing software and sales systems. It’s critical to ensure that your CRM can provide usable data for your sales, business development and marketing teams now and into the future. Changing CRM’s is complex, disruptive and typically involves loss of more complex data so it is better to avoid this, if you can.


If Your Business Relies on Generating a Lot of Content, You Need a System to Organize and Grant Access to it.

If your business requires significant content generation, then a content management system will be invaluable in helping you organize, re-purpose and track your content across multiple platforms as well as make it easy for your internal and external vendors to access.

AI (Artificial intelligence) is going to impact every arena of human existence including marketing. It cannot be ignored. We find the use of AI in marketing is particularly helpful – for more complex websites – in guiding a user quickly to the information they are searching for and in the advertising server process. Quick access to information is fundamental to the user experience and keeping the user engaged.


Real-Time Analytics and Metrics Are Critical to Faster Decision Making & Being Responsive

Getting an accurate real-time overview of the key performance metrics driving your business is essential and invaluable to being able to adapt quickly and stay responsive. Coordinating and integrating multiple data sets, systems, locations and so forth is complex yet critical to shaping your business growth.

The marketing and sales software and systems architecture is mission critical to this process and integration of the latter are critical to arriving at a summary data visualization dashboard. Many marketing firms don’t think this through with their clients and end up with irreconcilable systems that require manual reconciliation building in time and expense. We advise that with the right systems, proper planning and foresight this can often be avoided.


Systems Integration is Critical for Decision Making and Saving Time & Money

When no pre-built API integration exists to connect one or more of your marketing and business systems, it becomes essential to build your own integrations to fill the gaps, ensure comprehensive integration and real-time reporting dashboards.

When you have disparate systems housing different information and data, you have an organizational challenge that can consume hundreds of man hours.