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The Future is Here

AI (Artificial intelligence) is going to impact every arena of human existence including marketing. It cannot be ignored. We find the use of AI in marketing is particularly helpful – for more complex websites – in guiding a user quickly to the information they are searching for and in the advertising server process. Quick access to information is fundamental to the user experience and keeping the user engaged.


Be Visible Online Strategically

We will discuss display advertising in the context of retargeting later which is a powerful way to stay front and center in your visitors minds as they surf the web.

Another context for display ads is “affiliate marketing”. You can  target audiences and businesses that have natural synergies with your products or/and services. You can build strategic partners directly (if your business is more local) or use 3rd party affiliate managed portals to expose your products and services to businesses looking for partners. Partners can be compensated on successfully capturing an email, a form submission request for information or on through revenue share post a revenue event.


Still, One of the Most Effective Tried & Tested Mediums for Building Sales

Email marketing remains one of the most efficient time tested B2B and B2C client acquisition mediums if done the right way which takes skill, finesse and patience. This is true in the context of initial B2B cold outreach which requires a great deal of finesse and thrice true in the context of opted-in B2B leads.


There is no better marketing ROI for a local business

If you are a single or multi-location retailer, or multi-location office serving B2B or B2C markets, having a strong local marketing presence and digital marketing process will be one of your prized marketing assets. Developing unique assets for this purpose can result in a powerful local presence across multiple markets.


Ready, Steady, Go!

Get ready for action! A paid marketing campaign is the perfect medium to start generating leads and clients in the immediate timeframe. The right blend of creative, ad-copy, funnels and nurture is all that are needed to spring campaigns into action. These do take time to prepare but this is the fastest timeline for generating qualified leads.

Whether you are B2B or B2C, the choice of Google, Linked-in, Facebook, Amazon and select niche channels provides you with deep targeted relevant reach.


Your Reputation Sells You!

Your reputation is everything. You need to manage your digital reputation footprint proactively as it is fundamental to serving the lead conversion and client acquisition process. Embedding it across your marketing and content assets is vital for maximizing lead conversions, client acquisition and ROI. Ongoing client input and anonymous employee surveys and feedback are vital to this process.

Bad reviews while unavoidable at times need to be mitigated, managed and learnt from as needed, appearing as one off events in a sea of good reviews. Furthermore, some of your unhappiest clients can become your best advocates if you manage them the right way.


Staying in front of Your Potential Clients is Critical for Maximizing Sales

It takes at least 7-10 meaningful points of contact with a potential new lead to begin the process of earnest engagement. Re-targeting provides the digital means to keep your brand and messaging in front of your website visitors long after they leave your website. In a zeitgeist where attention is easily fractured with exposure to an onslaught of marketing messaging, retargeting helps to re-capture the attention of prospects while they are still in the discovery process.


Stand Out Online

On par with the discovery of quantum mechanics and string theory, determining and maintaining the mix of elements to succeed with SEO is an alchemical science and art, one that can require significant investment, expert sense and some good (or Google) fortune.

Positioning in organic search depends on the successful development of a mix and mass of signals measured in relativity to your competitors that are swallowed by the Google machine and returned in the form of rankings on the internet.

Your content quality, mass, accurate optimization, traffic and back links from relevant industry websites to your website compared to those of your ompetitors weigh importantly in the ranking process along with another 80 or so lesser factors.

Long term, SEO can pay handsome dividends and ROI. To reach critical mass over and against your competitors and win prime positioning on the web requires a detailed assessment of your market and competitors. If you invest in SEO do so with the long game in mind. You may get some short term wins along the way but the real payoff is over the long term.


Sharing Great Information & Experiences is in the DNA of Human Beings. Utilize it!

Social media is a great medium for sharing stories or things you love with your network of friends and contacts. It’s also a great source for getting feedback on your brand and business. The effective use of social media from a business standpoint taps into these two primary attributes. It needs to be proactively managed and monitored as it can be a key connecting or dis-connecting point on the customer journey.


Quick, Instant, Addictive – Get Through To Your Audience

With the rise and dominance of mobile across the web, texting has become an increasingly significant means of messaging and reaching your opted-in audience. Brief creative communications are the on-ramp to gaining your audience’s attention, interest and further discovery. Don’t abuse it but use it for select promotions, event reminders and announcements.


The Mechanism for Continuous Improvement

A/B testing is the lifeblood for iterating, improving and optimizing ROI for every part of the client acquisition continuum. The web is the perfect medium for ongoing iterative testing and improvement.