Consulting, Management, P/T Marketing Directors


Integral to Growth

Developing strategic alliances, channel partners and affiliates online and offline can – depending on your business model and in the right instance – be a sound strategic means for building market share. Each channel requires marketing support, collateral and web assets to enable an efficient and orderly management process.

Business development also involves looking at how your entire business is supporting your mission from a production, quality control, customer service, sales interaction and product development standpoint as well. As the above impact your marketing and brand, it’s critical to ensure all these variables are staying on track and meeting your brand values.


The Efficient Cost Effective On-Ramp for Managing Your Marketing

At some point in your business development cycle, you will want to hand off the overview of the marketing function to a full-time hire or outsource the management of some or all marketing components to an agency. A skilled full time marketing director is a large expense. An agency can be a significant expense as well. Typically most businesses will eventually need both.

At Lead Infusion, we can provide you with an elegant hybrid solution. You can get a part-time marketing director at a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire who will oversee your marketing roadmap, build a team including any of your internal staff around fulfilling that roadmap and will work with you on reporting and consideration of new project needs.

We function on the basis of the 80/20 Pareto rule. This not only makes your marketing team more efficient, it will save you significant time and financial resources that you can now put into client acquisition.


Good Positioning Can Be The Difference Between Success & Failure

What makes your business unique in the market you serve and who is your ideal client? These are two of several key questions that require thought and analysis as they will shape your positioning in the market place.

Your positioning informs your strategic approach and plan which in turn impacts your entire marketing approach. It is a key part of your business foundation on which everything else is built. The more focused this is, the more efficient you will be able to grow and scale. Our in-depth process provides an objective perspective on your positioning.


Critical to Momentum, the Wrong Strategy Can De-Rail Your Business Revenue Goals

Your positioning analysis and core business goals in addition to other key data inform your strategic plan and the requisite skills and expertise needed.

Your agreed upon marketing and sales metrics allow you to track progress against an agreed upon implementation roadmap. As an objective party, we can work with you to craft this.

The wrong strategic move(s) can set you back, build in time, give your opponent the advantage and de-rail your business revenue. It’s critical to adapt quickly and have the experience to mitigate any wrong moves.