Helping You Achieve Top and Bottom Line Growth IS our Business! Our RENEW8020 Process Merges Business Consulting & Digital Marketing to Get You "Out of the Ordinary" Results...

Business, Marketing Strategy & Positioning Set the Stage for Growth

We dive deep into your business model and objectives with you. The more we know, the more we can help you profitably "differentiate and position" your business, build your web footprint, thought leadership, partners, systems and a master-plan blueprint to meet and exceed your goals. We have 25 years experience building businesses. We thrive on helping you become an online leader in your market. As an extension of your team, we can help manage a part or all of your online and offline integrated marketing in a highly cost effective, quality manner.

Tactical Implementation With a Full Suite of Digital Marketing Services.

Our integrated growth marketing, lead generation and business development solutions span Branding, Positioning, Business Development, Creative, Design, UI, UX, Content, Copy, Advertising, Conversion Optimization, Lead Generation & Nurturing, Reputation Management, SEO & Social Media. We work with an extensive network of experts and build a team, solution and systems to meet your specific needs.

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Our Process

Marketing Digest Best of 2017 Marketing Agency Award

We have been building businesses for over 25 years and bring a unique blend of business building experience, consulting, marketing and digital marketing mindset to our collaboration with our clients.

We understand that building a business on the internet is essential, increasingly complex and requires doing many things well, the right way! Our RENEW8020 process is a laser focused systematic process that uncovers your core business drivers that align with your most profitable clients business interests. We then help you align your business, branding, marketing and creative around an integrated lead and client generation process both online and offline. The end result is to maximize your ROI and optimize your business growth!

We are always looking at the latest thinking that is shaping the world. Our business process draws on different industry experience and is always fine tuned based on our own first hand research. We believe in continuous improvement across the sales and marketing funnel and all business areas that interface with clients. We know that the cost of hiring a full time marketing director is out of reach for many small businesses. We focus on the 20% of activities in your business that can produce 80% of your growth. You pay a fraction of the cost of a marketing director hire and get the lion share of the gains. We believe that is a win-win. You get the expertise to grow and scale at a price you can afford!

Our Approach

Your business is unique. It reflects your leadership and the qualities of its owners, and your strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes you are just too close to see the way past a given issue or to a certain objective you have in mind. Our job is to help you amplify your strengths, remove your weaknesses and be a collaborative partner in helping you meet and exceed your goals. An outside objective and experienced 3rd party can help you reach laser clarity in the midst of the 100 to do's you have to get done by breakfast!

Our approach is systematic and thorough. We engage with you, your clients, stakeholders, team and research ypour competitors to arrive at magnifiying your strengths, profitability and liveliness throughout your business! Our RENEW8020 approach builds on your core business drivers, amplifies these and then translates these across your branding, marketing, messaging and colaterall to attract and convert your ideal prospects and clients.

The web is a pre-patterned digital map defined by words, code and a hierarchy of numerous influencing factors that determine how you are indexed, ranked and found. As a result, the web requires an inescapably strategic process if you want to build a solid, engaging, influencing, long term defendable organic position alongside an optimized paid marketing lead generation and client nurture process.

Our 8020RENEW process integrates a blend of business consulting, marketing, analysis and digital marketing because it is important to start right, iterate, build and constantly optimize.

If you start the wrong way or take short cuts, it is more than likely that your returns will be less than optimum or worse, set you back leaving you with a difficult and expensive road to correct.

If changing a few words of marketing copy or re-arranging the layout of a landing page can have a 2-10x change in response rates, then multiple improvements across every part of the business, marketing, sales and client facing continuum can compound into very significant increases in your marketing ROI. Polishing all sides of the "prism" results in a "bright" and laser focused business organism.

As a result, our approach starts out with a deep dive into understanding your business objectives and what makes you unique. We look at your sales and marketing funnel, your clients, competitors, partners, services, products, website and so forth. This work is then translated into a comprehensive integrated web-marketing blueprint that, depending on your objectives, will include a strategic mix or blend of marketing that can include: paid acquisition, retargeting, SEO, social media, strategic partnering, affiliate marketing, joint ventures and business development.

Our approach is designed to build a comprehensive business growth marketing platform refined through progressive testing and continuous improvement. We build a team that can include your staff to meet your specific needs.

By testing and improving processes across the entire business spectrum from the strategic level to human resource utilization, product or service improvements and marketing and sales optimization you can compound overall business growth and build a super robust team and responsive business platform that is a dynamic force of change!

Now, you can finally raise your business performance at an affordable price and focus on what you do best.

What We Do

Our principal goal is growing your top and bottom line revenue. While growth marketing covers the sales and marketing spectrum, we also analyze, assess and help you improve across multiple parts of the business spectrum to optimally align your growth with client needs. We believe that every part of a business can and does impact sales and marketing.
Whether you need an agency partner to manage one or more of your online digital marketing areas, a part-time marketing director and business consultant we are flexible and focused on accomodating your specific needs.

One of our goals is to help you implement the most effective systems, solutions and marketing for your next stage of growth. We work with best in class software providers that cover marketing analytics, business intelligence, CRM's, CMS's and much more.

As consultants we help you find the best solutions for your specific needs.

Why Choose Us?

Lead Infusion offices, Sonoma County CA

Lead Infusion Offices, Sonoma County CA

Some of our Outstanding Features

These are just some of the outstanding features that we provide with our programs and services

  • Search Engine Marketing

    Quality content, Creative, Copy, UI, UEX, SEO, Contextual Link Building, Social Media, Distribution, Paid Advertising, Retargeting

  • Marketing Communications

    Thought Leadership Management, PR, Reputation Management

  • State of the art web platforms

    Industry specific and custom responsive websites inclusive of CMS, CRM & Blog, if you need them

  • Strategy, Business Development & Consulting

    Throughout our engagement and whenever you need our input.

  • Part-time Marketing Director

    Get a part-time marketing director at a fraction of the price of a full time hire

  • Market Research, Intelligence & Analysis

    We keep you informed about leading edge management & marketing innovations. We monitor your competitors & market(s).

Frequently asked questions

Please contact us at 1-800-265-0597 to discuss any question that you may have.

What makes your process unique?

We understand that you want results. We also understand that your business is unique. Most marketing agencies will focus their services on the front end. Branding, Advertising, Copy, Creative and Media Buys to generate awareness, interest and traffic. Our approach focuses on an in-depth analysis to ascertain your greatest strengths in the eyes of your best clients. We are looking at your competitors, new technology, systems and innovative approaches. How are your competitors positioning themselves in the market? What is their messaging strategy and how are they translating those strategies online and offline.

Our digital marketing campaigns, copy and creative are informed by the sum of all the market inteligence and designed to optimize your client growth in a laser targeted manner. Our campaigns are informed by real data and applied in a strategic manner and designed to optimize the returns on your marketing budget. Our objective is to help you build and continously improve results that will have a big impact on your business over time and not just focus on short term gains.

How do you determine the best strategic online marketing focus for a business?

We do our homework on your behalf. We study your model, your competitors, your online geo-markets and look at the different market media options and their cost to successfully implement. We look at different implementation timelines, integrated media campaign options and action plans that can help you strategically scale. We then go over our findings in-depth with you to strategize the best way forward for your business.

No matter what the strategic marketing focus is, quality content, creative, copy and an exceptional user experience is mandatory if you want to position yourself with the best.

It's critically important to understand your strategic options, costs, timelines to implement and potential ROI so that you do not overlook a promising channel. That requires analysis and research. The web is entirely 100% strategic. Starting right is important. It will save you a lot of time and resources over the long term. Our objective is to optimize your top line and bottom line profits.

What is Your 8020RENEW Process

We are looking at everything we do for your business through the lens of optimizing your top line and bottom line profits. You could say that our entire business process is around determining the "best-market-fit" for you and your business so that you can leverage the most value from your business model, marketing, team and clients. By focusing on maximizing efficiencies throughout your business in a fully integrated manner, you can achieve the most optimized top and bottom line growth. If changing the copy on a landing page can change results by 100-500%, imagine what continuous improvements accross your key business drivers can do to impact your results.

I'm finding it difficult to decide which marketing agency to go with. What are the key things I should be considering?

We find that it boils down to determining what company is the best fit with you and your current needs. Is the marketing agencies model and pricing aligned to supporting your business growth and development. Can they scale as you grow. We offer marketing director expertise along with business consulting to ensure that your digital marketing efforts reflect your entire company objectives and position you in the most effective way.

We will only work with businesses that we are confident, we can help succeed. If we do not believe we are a good fit for you, we will be the first to tell you and why. Our process is in-depth as we have found that this is the best approach to deliver lasting and meaningful results. We look at short term, mid term and long term wins and carefully strategize these with you. We can work with your staff, build a team around your marketing needs and can help implement and advise you on the marketing systems to optimize your marketing efforts.

Priced To Lead

Our business consulting and digital marketing programs are custom built to meet your business objectives. Our pricing can only be determined after we have considered your business objectives with you.

We will then recommend strategic options to meet your objectives. Our pricing is competitive and structured to scale as you grow. Call us at 1.800.265.0597 and we will be happy to discuss your business growth marketing needs with you.

The Latest from Our Blog

Our blog is focused on growth marketing strategies and new business models that are transforming the way business is done around the world. We look at proven models that embrace growth marketing along with human growth models that are focused on building the most human and responsive organizations on the planet and as a result, some of the most successful. Due to the fast changing nature of online marketing and business development we will update posts to keep them current.

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Our phenomenal clients

Our clients cover a wide spectrum of industries inclusive of brokers, consultants, coaches, service businesses, manufacturers, B2B and B2C companies throughout the USA and Canada.

What Our Clients Say About Us!

  • I would recommend Lead Infusion to other businesses. The Lead Infusion team was a pleasure to work with and were very patient helping us get exactly what we were looking for. They have helped create a great Real Estate website that produces leads, and we are very happy..

    Adam Hess, Gemstate Realty

    Adam Hess

  • They were very responsive to all of my questions. Even when I thought some of my questions were minor, they treated all of them as important. I never felt as if I was left alone trying to figure things out. I gained lots of great knowledge on what makes a site great, and I continue to get valuable information from Lead Infusion to continue to make my site even better. I am very proud of what I and Lead Infusion accomplished together. They made getting my site up and running easy and helped me build the content that displays our services and our market in the best possible way. I highly recommend Lead Infusion in building your personal website.

    Adam Hess, Gemstate Realty

    Larry DeBerry, Marketing Mgr, "The Deberry Team, Keller Williams Realty"

  • I recently used Lead Infusion to build my Real Estate Webmasters Website. I chose this type of product because it offered me the best in quality from an image stand point and one that would satisfy the need to generate quality leads for our business. It also met our expectation of giving users a site that was easy to use and loaded with lots of information for those looking to buy or sell a home. Lead Infusion gave me great suggestions, ideas, and help all along the way while building the site.

    Larry Deberry

    Larry DeBerry, Marketing Mgr, "The Deberry Team, Keller Williams Realty"

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