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We dive deep into your business model and objectives with you. The more we know, the more we can help you profitably "differentiate and position" your business, build your web footprint, thought leadership, partners, systems and a master-plan blueprint to meet and exceed your goals. We have 25 years experience building businesses. We thrive on helping you become an online leader in your market. As an extension of your team, we can help manage a part or all of your online marketing in a highly cost effective, quality manner.

Tactical Implementation With a Full Suite of Digital Marketing Services.

Our integrated growth marketing, lead generation and business development solutions span Content Development, Creative, Link Building, Onsite SEO, UX, Web Architecture & Design, PPC & Contextual Advertising Campaign Management, Branding, PR, Reputation Management, Social Media & More.

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Our Process

We have been building businesses for over 25 years and bring a business, marketing, analytical and digital marketing mindset to our collaboration with our clients. We understand that building a business on the internet is essential, increasingly complex and requires doing many things well, both online and offline, to maximize your ROI. We are enthusiastic futurists, always looking at the latest thinking that is shaping the world. We also like to do our own first hand research. We believe in continuous improvement across the sales and marketing funnel and all areas that interface with clients.

Our Approach

The web is a pre-patterned digital map defined by words, code and a hierarchy of numerous influencing factors that determine how you are indexed, ranked and found.
As a result, the web requires an inescapably strategic process if you want to build a solid, long term defendable organic position as well as an excellent web-infrastructure that can effectively engage, nurture and turn your visitors into enquiries and then into clients.

If you start wrong, your returns will be less than optimum and can potentially create significant complications, penalties and difficulties.

As a result, our approach starts out with a deep dive into understanding your objectives, your sales and marketing funnel, your clients, partners, services, website and so forth. This work is then translated into a comprehensive integrated web-marketing blueprint that depending on your objectives can include paid acquisition, strategic partnering, business development and offline components.

Our approach is designed to build a comprehensive business growth marketing platform which will be refined through progressive testing and developed over time into a market leading web presence. That is how we believe the highest ROI can be achieved.

If changing a few words of marketing copy or re-arranging a layout on a landing page can make a 2-10x change in response rates, multiple improvements across every part of the sales and marketing funnel can compound into significant increases in marketing ROI.

If you likewise test and improve across the integrated business spectrum and on the strategic level you can compund overall business growth and build a robust responsive business and human platform that is a dynamic force of change!

We take the guesswork out of the web for you, and provide clear benchmarks and deliverables so that you can focus on what you do best.

What We Do

Our principal focus is on business growth marketing. While growth marketing covers the sales and marketing spectrum, we also test across multiple parts of the business spectrum that can have positive net impact on market growth. We believe that all areas of a business can be involved in impacting sales and marketing.
Whether you need a partner to manage one or more online marketing areas, a part-time marketing director or consultant we are flexible and focused on accomodating your needs.

We don't sacrifice quality. Our pricing is very competitive.

We do like a new challenge and to experiment on the leading edge. We have relationships with different platform providers and have developed specialty solutions for brokers and other services businesses.

Why Choose Us?

Lead Infusion offices, Sonoma County CA

Lead Infusion Offices, Sonoma County CA

Some of our Outstanding Features

These are just some of the outstanding features that we provide with our programs and services

  • Search Engine Marketing

    Quality content, Creative, SEO, Contextual Link Building, Social Media, Distribution, Paid Search Management, Retargeting

  • Marketing Communications

    Thought Leadership Management, PR, Reputation Management

  • State of the art web platforms

    Responsive cross platform websites and integrations with a CMS, CRM & Blog, if you need them

  • Strategy, Business Development & Consulting

    Throughout our engagement and whenever you need our input.

  • 24/7 Support

    Get world class support via phone (weekdays) and email (every day).

  • Market Intelligence & Analysis

    We keep you informed about leading edge management & marketing innovations. We monitor your competitors & market(s).

Frequently asked questions

Please contact us at 1-800-265-0597 if you have a question that is not answered below.

Do you guarantee a first page footprint on Google?

In order to assess what it would take for you to rank on the first or second pages of the main search engines, a proper market analysis must be conducted. That analysis will look at primary geographic area, your competition and your website, as well as the time and resources you are planning to commit. The work required for you to outrank your competitors can then be assessed.

We do not control the search engines. However, we firmly believe that if you build our the right infrastructure and exceed the competition with measurable benchmarks, that it is all but inevitable that you will rank well. It should also be said that it can take a lot of heavy lifting to get onto the first page but it is easier to defend a position by continuing to do all the things that got you there.

Can I generate leads and not worry about my positioning in the search engines?

Yes, you can. We have paid marketing programs that allow you to generate leads immediately. We use Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook and other search engines in addition to re-targeting, to drive traffic to your site.

That being said, we believe that the best internet strategy is a combination of organic and paid marketing depending on how many leads you want to generate. From a qualitative standpoint, there is no substitute for developing a quality presence and wide footprint on the web.

Will I have to do anything? Do you take care of everything?

This depends largely on the marketing arrangement that is agreed upon. Regardless, we firmly believe that Thought Leadership is one of the most effective ways to position and market online, not to mention an excellent client generating tactic. You are the expert at what you do. We cannot replace that, but we can help you position what you do to maximum affect.

I'm finding it difficult to decide which marketing company to go with. What are the key things I should be considering?

It boils down to determining what company is the best fit for you and meeting your needs. We know the type of clients we like to work with and will go through an in-depth process by phone or in-person to determine if we are a good fit. If we don't think that we are the best fit, we will be the first to let you know. We only take on clients if we firmly believe that we can succeed in meeting and exceeding their objectives.

Priced To Lead

Our organic SEO programs are custom built with the objective of developing a leadership position in your market. This can only be determined after we have considered your business objectives with you as well as researched your market place(s), competitors, strategic goals, timelines and budget. We will then recommend a strategy that can meet your objectives. Our pricing for managing paid search acquisition campaigns will depend on the volume and depth of engagement along the marketing and sales funnel. Our pricing is extremely competitive. Call us at 1.800.265.0597 and we will be happy to discuss your business growth marketing needs with you.

The Latest from Our Blog

Our blog is focused on growth marketing strategies and new business models that are transforming the way business is done around the world. We look at proven models that embrace growth marketing along with human growth models that are focused on building the most human and responsive organizations on the planet and as a result, some of the most successful. Due to the fast changing nature of online marketing and business development we will update posts to keep them current.

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Our phenomenal clients

Our clients cover a wide spectrum of industries inclusive of brokers, consultants, coaches, service businesses, manufacturers, B2B and B2C companies throughout the USA and Canada.

What Our Clients Say About Us!

  • I would recommend Lead Infusion to other businesses. The Lead Infusion team was a pleasure to work with and were very patient helping us get exactly what we were looking for. They have helped create a great Real Estate website that produces leads, and we are very happy..

    Adam Hess, Gemstate Realty

    Adam Hess

  • They were very responsive to all of my questions. Even when I thought some of my questions were minor, they treated all of them as important. I never felt as if I was left alone trying to figure things out. I gained lots of great knowledge on what makes a site great, and I continue to get valuable information from Lead Infusion to continue to make my site even better. I am very proud of what I and Lead Infusion accomplished together. They made getting my site up and running easy and helped me build the content that displays our services and our market in the best possible way. I highly recommend Lead Infusion in building your personal website.

    Adam Hess, Gemstate Realty

    Larry DeBerry, Marketing Mgr, "The Deberry Team, Keller Williams Realty"

  • I recently used Lead Infusion to build my Real Estate Webmasters Website. I chose this type of product because it offered me the best in quality from an image stand point and one that would satisfy the need to generate quality leads for our business. It also met our expectation of giving users a site that was easy to use and loaded with lots of information for those looking to buy or sell a home. Lead Infusion gave me great suggestions, ideas, and help all along the way while building the site.

    Larry Deberry

    Larry DeBerry, Marketing Mgr, "The Deberry Team, Keller Williams Realty"

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