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As the number of channels, where you can invest your marketing dollars, continue to proliferate online and offline , it is increasingly challenging to decide how to allocate and focus your resources. It is an entirely strategic consideration that has to integrate and sync with your other key business objectives.

In the midst of all the above variables and the natural human desire to gravitate to options that have the greatest certainty of success, the arena of "organic marketing" or "search engine optimization" where "degrees of uncertainty" are a way of life, it requires a sophisticated strategic risk assessment that is founded in a deep understanding of the web. "On the surface, ranking on the web looks like an uncertain proposition, so why bother?". There is ONE very good reason to bother and that is: "83% of all search is through organic listings and only 17% is through paid channells such as pay per click or contextual ads. The latter makes it especially important to answer the question of how to invest in building an organic digital footprint. We always tell our clients that the web is a 100% strategic medium in which every detail matters. It's a digital system governed by words, phrases, questions, networks, interest groups, knowledge and competition. Every piece is strategic and matters!

The degree of uncertainty when it comes to ranking online is greatly exaggerated, if you do it right!
There are numerous pathways to develop an online marketing footprint. How you develop an online strategy will depend on your short-term and long term business objectives, the degree of competition and your strategic resource allocation. You need to focus. Where you focus is a core to the art and science of search engine positioning and optimization. The degree of certainty with respect to building a successful online footprint that drives quality targeted traffic, leads and clients, can be very high, depending on the strategy that is implemented. It comes down to strategically "positioning" your business in an arena where your resources can effectively compete.

Building a solid seo strategy requires in-depth research and blending a tactical high quality content plan, elements of personalization, a great user experience (UX), social media activity, partnering, distribution, thought leadership and more, into a masterplan blueprint.

There are best practices and objective competitor benchmarks that one can discern along the way and by meeting the latter, you are assured - in time - of building a competitive domain and ranking footprint. You cannot know "when" but if you follow sound practices, a good seo plan will lead to inevitable success.

An seo plan needs to be "paired" with your short and long term objectives as well as your available resources. That is why "strategy" is 100% key. If you start with a weak strategy your results are likely to reflect this. It needs to be an approach that has the potential to be effective across the spectrum of your business objectives. And by "effective" we mean, a strategic plan that can exceed your competition in the ranking equation with the resources you can dedicate to it. For example, if you are a national or global organization with local bricks and mortar retail outlets, you will want your retail outlets to appear in local search listings. On a scale strategic importance with ten being the most important, this is a 10. Dedicating the resources to do this right will involve creating a detailed blueprint that will make each specific local page unique, relevant and dedicated to rank. An entire laundry list of strategic factors need to be considered from unique content to utilizing a sub-domain or folder to build a local seo playbook that will rank across thousands of local searches.
The tactical implementation requires creativity, quality and a systematic approach.

As we have mentioned, when it comes to SEO, the degree of uncertainty is exaggerated. If you approach this work strategically and qualitatively, the uncertainty factor can be greatly reduced. In fact, a well thought out strategic plan with the right benchmarks, if well implemented, will have very good odds of success.

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