3 Key Tactics that can Double your Lead Generation ROI

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There are numerous points on the digital grid that require testing and refinement to improve conversion rates for B2B and B2C services businesses. Doing these 3 things will make a significant difference in improving your lead to client conversion rates and not doing them will hurt your client conversion rates.

1. Return all enquiries promptly? The research is proven out that respomding to an enquiry whether it be a call, text or email within 5 minutes dramatically improves your odds of making a meaningful contact with that person. When a need becomes pressing enough, no matter how much research we have done in prior months, we want to move quickly. We expect a fast response because we want to "matter". Don't delay call backs for any reason is the best advice we can give you, if you want to see your marketing ROI grow!

If you cannot respond to my needs right away, someone else will. You may provide a superior service or at least a service of equal quality, but if I am not talking to your competitor and they ARE taking the time to speak with me, it is not hard to determine that they have gained the edge on my "trust".

It is a psychological advantage. No doubt, if you call a prospect back on the same day, they may take the call especially if they wanted to speak with you. However, if they have made a meaningful contact elsewhere, they may feel less inclined to do so. Just remember, we all want to be impressed. First impressions matter.

2.Build a Systematic Referral Marketing Plan Referrals or Word of Mouth Marketing is the best new business! This is a universal business principle. It applies to all businesses. If this is the case, why is it that so few businesses have a systematic referral marketing plan in place. The emphasis being on a "systematic" plan. If you don't ask for referrals in a systematic and yes creative manner you will never know how valuable your existing client base is. Any systematic referral plan should incorporate periodic tangible gifts of appreciation. Your objective is to delight your clients and make them feel important and "appreciated". This is a powerful human need which we all share. And, yes, it goes a long way to building a substantive referral business. By not implementing a systematic program to generate referrals, you are missing out on a powerful and valuable sales channel. Furthermore, you are not maximizing the true lifetime value of your clients, a vital metric that can have significant impact on your growth marketing metrics and business model.

Offer a BIG Incentive to any referrals immediately!

But why, you say, if there is a high likelihood they are going to become a customer in any case. The reason has to do with the short-term and the long term. Passing on instant value creates goodwill from the outset. That goodwill can carry over into more referrals if you play your cards right and have developed a systematic referral marketing plan.

3. Build the capacity for Viral Marketing into your products and services:

Be sure to make products, services, whitepapers, articles, videos, video testimonials shareable. If you have something "great" that "adds BIG value", people will WANT to share that with their business associates and friends. . Why? It stems from a root human need proven since ancient times: "By sharing and passing on value, you gain the status within your community of being an authority". It feels good bottom line and the reward is "acknowledgement" and "trust".

There are many tactics you can deploy to double your lead generation or client generation as we prefer to call it. Implementing the three items, we have chosen to highlight, into your sales and marketing process can have a big overall impact on your marketing ROI.

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