Is Real Estate SEO dead for Broker Websites?

Ranking on Top of the Search Engines

Our real estate clients tell us very matter of factly that: "There is no point competing for organic placement with the Zillow, Trulia's and national corporate brokerage websites" At face value this seems a more than logical conclusion to draw and most Brokers will whole-heartedly agreee. Of course that is what the Big Boys want you to think. What if the reality however is different? What if it were true that Google does actually rank local or regional websites providing those sites meet certain criteria? Could it be true?

Our first hand research has revealed some very interesting findings. We have discovered an interesting pattern across certain types of local and regional markets in the USA, that sais, providing you meet certain criteria you can compete favorably for first page organic listings. There is in fact a real opportunity for brokers to rank favorably, if they are willing to put in the legwork to do so.

Interested in Learning More? We think you should be very interested! Most brokers simply do not believe it is possible which gives rise to those brokers who are ideally positioned and willing to go the extra mile, to build a serious advantage.

Are you curious to see the evidence? If you were convinced by the hard evidence and on that basis, willing to invest in ranking online, then please contact us and we will share our findings with you.

Why are we not sharing the information right here in this blog post We have gone to some real trouble to do this research first hand and discern this information from scouring a significant number of factors. A lot could be said about the topic and our findings. However, in order to protect our clients advanntage, we believe it is fair that if you are serious and interested, that you will go to some trouble to find out if our research is applicable to your market. We work on an exclusive basis by city. The good news is that we have room to grow our broker clientele, so if you are interested, please call us.

Thanks for reading this post and visiting our Blog. If you would like to learn more about our research please call us at 1-800-265-0597 or fill out our contact form to schedule a time to discuss your area and objectives.

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