How does a SEO Professional develop your online footprint?

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A often asked question we receive is: "Can you guarantee a first page ranking across Google, Bing and Yahoo?" Well, mostly Google! First of all, no one can guarrantee anything that one does not have 100% control over. The search engines cannot be controlled. That being said, there are objective measures that determine ranking. It is not a random event. And while there are hundreds of factors that influence rankings we want to give you a strategic overview as to how a professional SEO company will or should approach developing your footprint.

Your SEO strategy needs to be informed by your business model, marketing budget, human resource allocation, appplicable channels and competitors. In depth analysis is required to craft a positioning strategy online that has the maximum probability for success. Unless your product is absolutely outstanding and generates its own viral distribution and sales footprint online, you need to be strategically positioned on the web. That requires careful analysis taking your short, medium and long term goals into account.

A Professional SEO company tailors a positioning strategy for YOU and You alone. They will build you a blueprint that outlines the strategic goals and footprint to be developed as well as how and why your allocated budget can effectively compete and rank online. This is not a random process. And yes, while unexpected viral marketing affects can happen and accelerate your progress, they often happen because any strategic plan will have built in this potential. .

Unrealistic Goals and Plans are why most SEO plans fail If you dont calibrate your goals with your resources, an SEO plan will most likely fail. As we have mentioned, building an organic footprint and ranking online is not a random event. Is your website recently launched? Does your website have Panda penalties holding it down? Are you conducting ongoing tests of your UX? Do you have negative comments and feedback online? The list goes on. It is important to look at all the influencing factors. Missing any one area, can impact your results significantly. There are all kinds of agencies selling SEO on the internet. If they are not doing the above, you are basically playing the lotto. Saving on SEO is like asking a dentist to perform heart surgery. It won't be done right and can create a terrible mess. Clean up on the internet can be a challenging and time consuming process. Better to start right!

Stick to Sound Strategic Marketing Principles A professional SEO company will build an online footprint using sound marketing principles. Never game the system for short term gain. It will more than likely cause long term pain! There are no short-cuts to building a solid content centric SEO gameplan. Invest in a solid client oriented approach and success, while not on a clock, is all but inevitable with respect to bringing quality leads and clients and building a solid defendable footprint.

There is a lot of heavy lifting required to build a strong online footprint However if you build it right it will serve you for the long term. You will be able to defend it by not getting complacent and continuing to build it.

There is a great deal more that can be writen about this topic. We wanted to to give you some guidelines that we consider fundamental to building a strong online footprint. SEO and online marketing is 100% strategic and requires systematic tactical implementation.

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