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A strong lead generation program requires doing a lot of things well, but if you fail to do these 5 things, your ROI (Return on Investment) is likely to be negatively impacted.

You are getting traffic to your website but you think that you should be converting greater percentages of that traffic into taking a meaningful next step, whether that is subscribing to a freemium product or report, a newsletter sign-up, an inquiry, site registration, call or sale."

If you have stopped testing the five areas below, then it's time to begin again. If you are testing infrequently, increase the number of tests. Marketing is by its very nature experimental no matter what business you are in. There is not any part of the online marketing ecosystem that won't benefit from testing. Many small incremental improvements can add up to make a significant and sometimes game changing different to your marketing ROI. Dont stop testing! Ever!

If by changing a few words on a direct mail piece can increase response rates by a factor of 3-10x or more, just imagine applying this logic across your entire sales and marketing funnell. There are a large number of areas you can and should test. For the purposes of this article we will address five areas that will have impact on your bottom line when you move the "response" needle

1. Easy Navigation & Access. If your prospect cannot find what they are looking for within 5 seconds, there is a good chance they will leave right away. Likewise, if your messaging does not address the problem they need help solving within a brief time period, they will leave. If you do a good job of the latter, you have their "attention". Now you have to move them through a "process" of "how" you solve their problem. If you do this part well and have you have embedded a variety of calls to action, you are on your way to establishing "trust" and a potential next action. The only exception to the above is if someone referred a person to your website along with a lot of "praise" for your product amd service. These people will persevere far longer and may overlook any flaws in your marketing.

Getting the above process working as effectively as possible requires "refinement", "testing", "market research", speaking with your clients and more importantly with leads who are not clients. You can't argue with improving conversion metrics unless they make a promise you are not delivering on to the clients expectation. That would show up in your "client retention" metrics.

If you are a subject matter expert be sure to demonstatrate that. Again, make it easy for people to find content that is important to them. Easy navigation and access to information is important in an age where people's time comes at a big premium. One of the big challenges going forward is being able to provide easy ongoing access only to information that a lead, prospect or client needs. We live in an age of information overload. Getting access to the right information is harder than ever before. Solving that problem will make your existing and future clients increasingly loyal.

Good navigation within a website creates a good user experience and more importantly provides a lasting impression that you have thought through and listened to what your client issues are.

Needless to say, many papers can be written on the subject of UX. The purpose of this article is to emphasize the importance of testing in five key areas. How you test and over what period of time is a subject unto itself. Your objective is to build "trust" and "response" and to carry that experience over into the rest of the sales and marketing channel.

2. Always find ways to creatively engage so you can begin a conversation: Visitors coming to your site are there because they need to solve a "problem". The more you can articulate how you can help them solve that problem, the higher the likelihood of entering into a meaningful dialog or conversation.

Unless you are the only company in the world able to solve that problem, your prospect is likely going to research your competitors. This means you need to provide additional incentives for your prospect to engage. I have yet to encounter a person who does not like a good incentive when it relates to something they actually need and want. Good incentives create impetus to action. This is a reality unless you have a monopoly on a product that is an essential need. Build in incentives early on and often! Specifically, make sure one offer stands out "head and shoulders" above the rest and is timebound. Again, you need to test rigorously in this department, to see what works best and then continue your testing process.

You may, if your business model and service are suitable for this purpose, experiment with providing gated content that has a perceived premium value. Access to current research papers would be an example of premium content.

It is also worth experimenting with leaving some information "out" of the equation that can only be gotten through having a conversation. It is human nature to want to "know" what we do not know and that could potentially give us an advantage.
The point is, you need to test many different ways to engage and keep building on what works.

3. Employee ratings: This one might come as a surprise. What do my employee ratings have to do with "website conversions"? The reality is that clients are increasingly looking at sites like "Glassdoor" to see how employees feel about a company they work for. While this may not be the case for a range of commodity products, it will be the case if you provide a service that a company is more dependent on for the success of their company. Be sure to monitor these sites and encourage employees to post their experience of working for your company. No doubt, it is hard to not have a disgruntled employee at some point or another, so be sure the weighting is overall "positive".

4. Client Testimonials on your website and social media profiles: Do you have video testimonials posted online? The majority of company websites do not, but these are significant "trust building" media assets and will go a long way to improving client conversions. It is important to rotate these and build a growing archive over time. If you don't have video testimonials, text testimonials are the next best thing. Testimonials create a positive impression. Introduce these in your email marketing, product shopping carts, contact us pages, social media sites et al. Be sure to test the use of testimonials rigorously throughout the sales and marketing funnel.

5. Communicate clearly what your visitors will receive if you offer curated content: If you offer content via a subscription explain clearly what they will be getting. We are all bombarded with emails. In today's enviroment, less email and more targeted relevant content is more! Be sure that any content you send out really serves your clients. They will appreciate it! And you will get higher quality engagement as a result.

We considered that perhaps the above items are too straightforward and obvious to publish. However it is surprising how often these items are overlooked. The main takeaway we want to impress upon you is to test and refine on a contonuous bases and as often as possible.

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