Our talented team

We are a small, friendly and talented team. Every member of our team has spent years developing professional skills working with multinationals, publicly traded companies, startups and small to mid-sized companies. Our skill sets range from marketing, management,SEO, PR, branding, consulting,business development, customer service to writing, adcopy, creative, design and coding.


Brian Gelfer

Marketing & Sales, Founder


Roxanne Perry

Client Accounts


Sheri Vince

Executive Assistant, Managing Editor & Strategy Advisor


Priyajit Mukherjee


Our Team

Brian Gelfer founded Lead Infusion and oversees all client marketing programs and our elite team of SEO specialists. He has over 25 years marketing and business development experience working with companies ranging from companies such as Disney and Warner Brothers to mid-sized businesses such as the Art Group and Streetwise Reports. He has worked with numerous startups including his own first business, Name That Toon, that grew revenues to over $2 million in 4 years, and then sold to a private company. Brian has been working with real estate agents and brokers at prestigious companies such as Keller Williams, REMAX, VIP, C21, Coldwell Banker and Sothebys, as well as small and mid-sized businesses all over the world.

Roxanne Perry was with one of the early pioneers of real estate website marketing, Best Image Marketing, for over 10 years. She oversees customer support and administration. It is rare to find a client issue that Roxanne has not encountered.

Sheriden Vince (she goes by Sheri) brings years of executive assistance, client relations, editorial, human resources, legal and writing experience to our clients content development. In addition to helping organize Brian's schedule and keeping the office somewhat sane, Sheri oversees our team of writers, helps with Human Resources and collaborates on key strategic issues.

Priyajit Mukherjee (PJ for short) oversees production to ensure that your website is delivered in top-notch condition.

Our Clients

E2E (end to end) Internet Marketing Solutions

Whether you are looking for a partner to manage your entire internet marketing needs or to just focus on one or more specialty areas we have you covered. Our programs are comprehensive, cost effective and constantly updated to stay on the leading edge of online digital marketing. Our singular purpose is to give you the edge and advantage online.

Specialist Industry Website Platforms

Save time and money with our specialist custom industry solutions. We have a growing number of custom industry solutions. Our real estate website platforms, for example, allow you to share the costs of your marketing programs by teaming up with industry professionals you trust. By utilizing the Ad-share module, you can share secure access to leads in a password protected manner. By providing additional professional services to your clients, you make it a win-win for your clients and yourself!

Our Partnering Approach

Whether you are looking for comprehensive online management services or assistance with specific areas, we can accomodate your unique needs. If you want to do certain aspects of your online marketing in-house, we will modify our programs and pricing to accomodate your needs.

What Our Clients Say About Us!

  • I would recommend Lead Infusion to other businesses. The Lead Infusion team was a pleasure to work with and were very patient helping us get exactly what we were looking for. They have helped create a great Real Estate website that produces leads, and we are very happy..

    Adam Hess, Gemstate Realty

    Adam Hess

  • They were very responsive to all of my questions. Even when I thought some of my questions were minor, they treated all of them as important. I never felt as if I was left alone trying to figure things out. I gained lots of great knowledge on what makes a site great, and I continue to get valuable information from Lead Infusion to continue to make my site even better. I am very proud of what I and Lead Infusion accomplished together. They made getting my site up and running easy and helped me build the content that displays our services and our market in the best possible way. I highly recommend Lead Infusion in building your personal website.

    Adam Hess, Gemstate Realty

    Larry DeBerry, Marketing Mgr, "The Deberry Team, Keller Williams Realty"

  • I recently used Lead Infusion to build my Real Estate Webmasters Website. I chose this type of product because it offered me the best in quality from an image stand point and one that would satisfy the need to generate quality leads for our business. It also met our expectation of giving users a site that was easy to use and loaded with lots of information for those looking to buy or sell a home. Lead Infusion gave me great suggestions, ideas, and help all along the way while building the site.

    Larry Deberry

    Larry DeBerry, Marketing Mgr, "The Deberry Team, Keller Williams Realty"

Our competencies and expertise

SEO, Social Media, Online Marketing, Lead Generation 100%
Website Development, UI, Content 100%
Consulting, Branding & Creative 100%
Marketing & Business Development 100%
Customer Support 100%

We made an inventory of our core skill sets. In addition to our own team who cover the entire spectrum of online marketing, we have partnered with some of the most established website development companies in real estate and other industries to bring you industry specific custom websites. As our client you will have access to their support resources, R&D and large teams of specialists that do every type of web coding and development.

Our Core and extended team has every skill set required to help you succeed in todays complex internet marketing environment. Whether you are looking for a large project implementation and marketing program to a startup program, we can accomodate all your needs E2E (from end to end).

We look forward to speaking with you and discussing solutions for your business success!. Call us today at 800.265.0597